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Topic: An Investigation into the Writing Construct(s) Measured in Pearson Test of English Academic

Abstract: This study examined the underlying writing constructs as assessed in Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) and then further explored item type difficulty and item type effectiveness. The statistical analysis of PTE Academic writing items indicated that the six writing item types fell into two categories. Although these item types all assess the writing construct, the results showed two different sub-constructs, namely, the Analytical/Local Writing construct and the Synthetic/Global Writing construct. Two gap-filling item types and the dictation item type primarily assess the Analytical/Local Writing construct. These three item types predict this construct comparatively well, with dictation having the highest standardized coefficient. Two summary item types with the essay item type primarily assess the Synthetic/Global Writing construct. The reading-to-write item type predicts this construct best, suggesting an item type that can measure test-takers’ global writing ability well.

Presenter: Dr. Ying Zheng (PhD), a lecturer at Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton.

讲座时间:2015年4月9日 14:30---16:00


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