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人: Dr Sergey TyulenevUniversity of Durham

讲座主题:Translation in Society




Translation in Society

Translation is a social activity. Its function in society is to mediate social relations. This is the fundamental property that allows us defining translation. Structurally the translational unit, the minimal yet complete set of elements manifesting the characteristics of the whole, translation as a phenomenon, includes a source and a target and a mediating component. The lecture will discuss the key concepts of the sociological turn in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

Translation will be examined as a process ensuring the connectivity of the very fabric of the social. The terms ‘society’ and ‘social’ come from the Latin word ‘socius’ meaning a companion or ally, implying a relationship between two or more people. No society is possible without relating individuals. This is the fundamental property of any human collectivity and translation is the social function that allows society meet this need.

Translation mediates in society on various levels from intrapersonal and intralingual to interpersonal and intergenerational and interlingual. The lecture will overview the theoretical approaches to studying translation at these various levels.


Dr Sergey Tyulenev is the Director of the MA in Translation Studies at Durham University, UK. He has widely published on linguistic, cultural and social aspects of translation, translation historiography and the epistemology of translation studies. His recent publications includeApplying Luhmann to Translation Studies(Routledge);Translation and the Westernization of Eighteenth-Century Russia(Frank & Timme). Personal website:www.tyulenev.org.

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