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香港中文大学Icy Lee教授讲座预告

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讲座题目:Assessment for and as Learning in the Language Classroom

主讲人:Prof.Icy Lee



Abstract:Second language classroom assessment has traditionally focused on the product of learning, with the teacher playing a dominant role in providing judgment of student learning at the end of instruction. Such an approach to assessment, referred to as assessment of learning, serves primarily summative purposes, where scores suffice for feedback and students play a minimal role in the assessment process. The notion of assessment for learning, which came into use in the late 1980s and early 1990s, underlines the pivotal role descriptive feedback plays in the assessment process (Parr &Timperley, 2010). This approach to assessment recognizes the importance of assessment during instruction to provide teachers with information to fine-tune their teaching and to improve student learning (Black &Wiliam, 1998, 2003). More recently, the term assessment as learning has been used to emphasize the active role of the learner as the critical connector between assessment and learning (Earl, 2003, Earl & Katz, 2006), and assessment as a process of metacognition for students (Berry, 2008). With guided instruction from the teacher, students develop their capacity to reflect on, monitor and assess their own learning. This presentation will explore ways in which assessmentforandaslearning can be implemented to maximize student learning in the L2 classroom.


Icy Lee is Professor and Chair at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction of the Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research areas include second language writing, error correction and feedback in writing, classroom writing assessment, and second language teacher education, on which she has published extensively. She has served on the editorial boards of ELT Journal,TESOL Quarterly,Journal of Second Language Writing, Assessing Writing, and TESL Canada Journal. She is currently Co-editor of theJournal of Second Language Writingand Senior Associate Editor ofThe Asia-Pacific EducationResearcher.

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