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香港城市大学Diane Pecorari教授讲座通知

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讲座题目:Plagiarism and source use: What do we really know?

主讲人:Diane Pecorari



Abstract: Plagiarism is both a source of frustration to teachers and a topic which has gained a great deal of research attention. Because intertextuality is a pervasive feature of academic writing, students cannot avoid plagiarism unless they have the ability to use sources effectively. This talk will gather summary what we know about plagiarism and source use, identify questions which still need answers, and will discuss how research findings on this topic can inform our teaching.


Professor Diane Pecorari is the Head of Department of English, City University of Hong Kong. She works within the area of Applied Linguistics. Her major research interests include English for academic purposes and second-language writing, (including source use and plagiarism), and the widespread and growing phenomenon of English medium instruction. Professor Pecorari has designed and taught professional skills development courses for university teachers who want to work pedagogically with questions such as how to work against plagiarism, how to promote students' writing skills and how to teach effectively in the English-medium classroom. Some of her recent publications includeTeaching to avoid plagiarism(Open University Press),Introducing English for Academic Purposes(with Maggie Charles, Routledge) andStudent plagiarism in higher education(forthcoming, co-edited with Philip Shaw).

Diane is a member of the editorialboard of English for Specific Purposes, and is the reviews editor of TESOL Quarterly.

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