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Dear class,

Welcome back!

Winter vocation in 2020 is special to everyone. Novel coronavirus ravaged Wuhan, our city, where we sweat and toil for our dreams and which we complain occasionally but still love deeply. The whole nation, especially Wuhan is engaging a biting battle with the ferocious foe which took away lots of our happiness and made some families suffer unbearable pains. In the frontline of this battle, there are numerous people in their duty positions,doctors, soldiers, construction workers, volunteers and other common people, racing to beat the virus. They are the heroes who are taking every effort to keep us safe. And we see strength, courage, determination, dedication and solidarity of our people and our nation. I believe we will win the battle, I just hope we win it with less cost.

Facing the sudden attack of this epidemic, we may have been confused, shocked and saddened. But in the hard times, we also see more clearly the responsibilities we are going to shoulder as key university students. Those people are protecting us today, and it will be us to protect them and our future generations tomorrow. Our society may face difficult problems, it’s your efforts today that will help to handle them rightly and wipe them out successfully and thus make our community a better place.

Virus blocks our way to return to Wuhan, but it can never block our way to return to the "classrooms " in Wuhan University . It may isolate us in different rooms , but it can never thwart the ambitions in our hearts. As Wudaren, the characters “Self-improvement, Perseverance, Truth-seeking & Innovation“ have been so deeply impressed in our minds.

Winter has gone, Spring is coming. Have you missed the fragrance of flowers in the Cherry Avenue and the bird chirping outside the Maple Dorms? Do you still remember hitting the ddl in the fully seated library and solitary reading in the warm sunshine of Luojia Square? If yes, then we are there, with our classmates and teachers, in the beautiful campus of Wuhan University. Let’s start our new term right NOW and from HERE!

Hard times will end soon, and we will meet each other in the blooming spring of Wuhan University. Take care of yourself but try not to gain too much weight, maybe someone would like to have a really good, tight and big hug when we meet that day.

——文 婷 老师


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